McDonalds Menu Prices Continue To Amaze

McDonalds Menu Prices

McDonalds Menu Prices

McDonalds is still one of the most successful global companies that exists today. Even so, many people still have the mistaken belief that the diversity of products offered by McDonalds is very limited in terms of prices and options. In this article you will learn that this is far from reality and that the McDonalds menu prices are very diverse and cater to all budgets. In fact, their dishes are varied and suitable for all palates.

Here are a few of the most popular and convenient meals McDonald’s offers on their menu.

Low Calorie Alternatives:

Admittedly, the first thing that comes to mind when we imagine a typical McDonalds meal may make us cringe. Most people believe they will probably add tons of calories to their bodies if they eat what the McDonalds menu has to offer. For those who aim to take care of their bodies, they will be happy to know that 80% of the McDonalds menu consists of alternatives that have 400 calories or less. There are even dishes that only have between 200 and 300 calories, especially the ones that are made with fish and chicken.

The McDonalds Dollar Menu:

If both your stomach and your wallet are empty, one of the delights of going to McDonalds is being able to buy food for a buck. The McDonalds dollar menu makes it easier to go out with the family for a nice meal. Best of all is that, despite the low cost, the quality and taste of these dishes are kept at the high standards that McDonalds customers are use to. Even though the McDonalds menu prices are very reasonable, the special dollar menu is even better.

Nutritious and Economical Alternative:

A great tasting and filling meal does not have to be expensive. McDonalds menu prices leave their customers satisfied. They offer a lot of value in their meals. They aim to please.

Complete Meals:

McDonalds menu prices are cheaper if you purchase meals instead of individual items. The most common sides are their world famous French fries and a coke. Still, those watching their weight have the option of ordering a salad and a diet coke instead.

Alternatives for Children:

McDonalds also has options for children. These meals are the perfect sizes for kids and are accompanied by favorite kiddie snacks such as chocolate milk or apple juice.

As you can see, the McDonalds menu prices include various options that fit perfectly with all tastes and budgets. They remain one of the best options available to grab an excellent bite to eat alone or with family and friends.   Don’t forget to search for McDonalds coupons on the Internet.  With them, your savings will be even more.