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Dicks Sporting Goods CouponsLike many, I have always been fighting the battle to lose weight. I understand how hard it is. There are many people like me, who need to lose extra pounds, but don’t know how. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not that difficult to do. The first thing to remember is the most important thing; you constantly have to exercise. Exercising, in my opinion, is the most important part of losing weight. In short, if you don’t exercise, you’re not gonna lose weight. I bought myself a treadmill and I hit that treadmill for 20 minutes everyday. At first it wasn’t 20 minutes, it was only 5 then gradually 5 turned into 10, 10 turned into 15 and 15 turned into 20.There is a reason places like Dicks Sporting Goods do so well. It’s because people of all ages love sports. They also like saving money and that’s why they search for Dicks Sporting Goods coupons when they have free time.

Then I started increasing the speed of the treadmill and before you know it I was running out a good clip straight for 20 minutes straight every day. Now, who doesn’t have 20 minutes during the day to dedicate to losing weight? I didn’t think I did it. But you know what? I did. Dicks Sporting Goods actually has a wide assortment of treadmills that will fit any budget. You can get a break on the all ready low prices when you take Dicks Sporting Goods coupons with you. The second important thing to remember when you want to shed some pounds is that you have to eat right. The first thing I did is eliminate all breads. Breads are some of the most fattening food items that you can eat. It’s great, it taste awesome, but it’s very fattening. I also eliminated everything that was fried from my diet. I understand that fried food tastes so good, but it’s so very bad for you. Well then what was I eating you might ask? Well ,what I started doing is I started eating a lot of fruit. Whenever I was hungry I would eat fruit. I would buy containers from the supermarket with a mixed variety inside. I would stock the refrigerator with them and every time I wanted to snack on something, I would snack on them.

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The other thing I ate a lot of when I was on a diet was chicken. I ate chicken for lunch and for dinner. I never got tired of it, because it actually tastes good. Instead of having beef, which stays in your system for a long time, or other fattening foods, I found creative ways to eat chicken. Sometimes I will go to Chicken Grill, which is a local restaurant that we have in the area, and I would have it with a little bit of rice. Other times, I would have a chicken sandwich. Other times, I would just have chicken by itself, but I was always eating chicken. This helped contribute to my losing weight. For dessert, I would buy sugar free gelatin, fat-free pudding, and again, I would eat a lot of great tasting fruit. It would always help me curb my appetite toward the end of the day. In short, if you want to lose weight, just make sure that you eat right, that you exercise, and that you watch your intake all day.

Don’t look at it as a diet, look at it as a lifestyle change. The sooner you grab control of your life, the sooner you grab some Dicks Sporting Goods coupons, the sooner that you could start living a happier one. Stop feeling sluggish and tired all the time. Eat right and go exercise. Treat yourself to some great sporting goods and sportswear from Dicks Sporting Goods. Don’t forget to take Dicks Sporting Goods coupons with you to any of the many Dicks Sporting Goods locations. Don’t use money as an excuse. Let Dicks Sporting Goods coupons help you buy all the equipment you need to turn around your life.