Types Of Small Dogs – America’s Favorites

Types Of Small DogsToday, more than ever, people are looking to cuddle up with all kind of types of small dogs. Although larger canines are fun, friendly, and a joy to be around, there is something about toy dogs that just make people smile at the sight of them. But which ones are America’s favorites? From which can you choose from? Below is a list of the country’s top choices.

Of all the different types of small dogs, the country’s favorite has to be the Yorkshire Terrier. This cute dog has an abundance of fans who swear it is part of their family. The Beagle comes in a close second. The pouty face and beautiful fur make this one a winner. And how about the Dachshund with its thin cool looking snout.

The Most Popular Types Of Small Dogs

Who can forget about the world famous Poodle with its rock star looks. It seems everyone loves this dog. The Shih Tzu looks like a movie star and is a favorite of owners who love to spoil their pets. Speaking of the silver screen looks, the Chihuahua seems to be in the theaters or a TV near you everyday.

Other types of small dogs that folks enjoy are the Pomeranian who looks like a big fluffy fur ball. Then again you can go for a more exotic look with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Both these breeds have wonderful dispositions and are very good to their owners.

There are so many pups to choose from that searching for the right one is actually part of the fun. I do encourage you to think long and hard before deciding on the dog that you want. The decision should be a permanent one. You don’t want to end up giving it to someone else.  Chances there will be one particular breed that will be perfect for your home.