Charities That Provide Help With Paying Bills

help with paying billsWhen I first looked for financial help, I never thought to consider a charity. A friend informed me that these organizations offer help with paying bills. After doing some online research, I realized that she was correct. National charities do provide help with bills like health care expenses, food costs, rent, and some even provide debt assistance and job training. Anyone who is looking for financial assistance should learn more about these invaluable organizations.

Through its local branches, the American Red Cross helps Americans pay their heating and electric bills. It also offers health and safety classes, aid to military families, community services, and disaster assistance. The type and level of the help with paying bills provided depends on individual need and money is reserved for emergencies. Another interesting fact is that the United Way provides the American Red Cross with most of the funds it pays out.

Operation Round Up is a financial assistance program offered by many state gas and utility companies. Individuals and families receive energy assistance, help with housing or rent costs and medical bills, and more. Operation Home-front focuses on current and ex-military personnel, providing them with counseling, grants, credit card help, and emergency financial assistance. Wounded soldiers and families of service members also qualify for help.

Get Fast Help With Paying Bills

The program I applied for and highly recommend is the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program. This provides families like mine with help with paying bills that includes mortgage or rent payments. They helped me develop a budget, assisted me with my tax return, and provided counseling when I needed it. Without this program, I would not have been able to afford supporting my son and myself. It is a relatively new program, which makes it a well-kept secret.

You need to apply for assistance from Gradient and if you are selected, you can get up to six months of rent or mortgage payment. The organization also helps you find federal and state grants and funds. Financial assistance with utility bills is offered and Gradient provides resources to assist with other debt like car loans. This group coordinates with various programs to help you find additional donations and contributions.

These are just a few groups that provide help with paying bills. Some programs span several areas of finances, while others focus on just one. Look online like I did and you should find a few programs for which you qualify. If you follow the proper steps, you may soon be receiving assistance with housing and other living expenses.