Los 100 Montaditos Is Making Believers Out Of Many

los 100 MontaditosNot everyone in Spain is in crisis.  Los 100 Montaditos, a Restalia company flagship, has begun to spread throughout the world with astonishing speed.   It already has 9 stores in the U.S. and its goal is to reach 100.

Juan Gervás is responsible for one of the fastest expansions known in these parts.  It has made a string of very famous Andalusian taverns in Spain jump across the Atlantic and take root in the United States in a matter of months.  And that’s just the beginning.  The unmistakable los 100 Montaditos logo will soon be seen all over Europe.  In a few years this chain will have more establishments outside of Spain than within.  The success is a drop of optimism in an ocean of recent economic bitterness.  Below is a recent interview with Mr. Gervás:

How many establishments does los 100 Montaditos have in America?

At the moment, we opened nine including an opening we had yesterday in Orlando, which was the first in the Miami area.

And where else do you want to expand?

We already have our first store outside Florida.  It will be located in Washington DC.  We have a very advanced project in New York and are working on other areas such as Maryland and Virginia, where they have already signed franchise agreements.

What kind of clientele does los 100 Montaditos have in America?

This depends.   In Miami it depends on the store location. There are  areas considered more Latino than American. In los 100 Montaditos of Pembroke Pines, a residential area north of Miami similar to Madrid Boadilla del Monte, the customers are more Americanized.

Why did you start the expansion in America and not in Europe?

We are already working on the European project, there is already a team in our head office in Madrid that is working and looking for future local openings in Germany, UK, and the Netherlands.  In Amsterdam, for example, we will soon have our first los 100 Montaditos in that part of the world.   Europe and Turkey are in search of locations.  The difference between Europe and America was just a matter of time.

Have you thought about the Asian market?

Of course, if given the right circumstances.  In Asia, we have received applications.  For example, there is interest in los 100 Montaditos menu in the Philippines, a former Spanish colony.  But we believe that for now, we should just focus on our current projects.